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Intel confirms that it will launch 7nm in 2023: it will narrow the gap with TSMC’s process

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Intel just handed over a good fourth quarter and 2020 full-year financial report.

At the financial report meeting, the current CEO Si Ruibo, the new CEO Kissinger and CFO George Davis all showed up.

Regarding the issue of 7nm, Si Ruibo said that he still firmly believes that Intel will release 7nm products as scheduled in the first half of 2023, and they will be used for client processors first, and then servers.

Some sharp analysts pointed out that when Intel debuts 7nm in 2023, TSMC has already mass-produced 3nm for a year and will even bring more advanced technologies such as 2nm. How does Intel view and respond to the competitive situation at that time?

Si Ruibo talked about two points. He said that the process technology is indeed very important, but it is not the only one. Together with packaging, architecture, memory/storage, security, interconnection, and software, it builds the six pillars of Intel.

The second is that he said that Intel will continue to invest in the development of process technology, and 7nm is just a new beginning.

Kissinger subsequently added that most of Intel's products in 2023 will be based on the 7nm process, but it will also increase the number of outsourced chips. He emphasized that Intel will continue to build competitive products, and packaging, software, and internal/external factories are all important. He said that Intel is committed to seeking to bridge the gap, innovative technologies will be revealed in long-term research, and help us build undisputed leading products.

Obviously, Intel believes that the process technology is a complicated long-distance race. Although it has experienced setbacks, Intel still persists on the track and firmly believes that there will be one day to catch up. For comparison, TSMC’s 7nm mass-produced in April 2018, and as of July last year, it has produced 1 billion chips with intact and defect-free chips.

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